Zion Johnson - the Chargers Select an OG in the 1st Round

With the 17th pick of the 2022 NFL Draft, your Los Angeles Chargers have selected Zion Johnson, OG out of Boston College.

An AP All-American last year, the 6'3 312-pound Johnson brings talent to the Chargers offensive line at the guard position. He can get to the 2nd level smoothly and is hard to displace from his spot.

Johnson’s wide frame and aggressive play style make him a battle for opposing defensive linemen. He does struggle against athletic defensive rushers as well as with twists and stunts on the d-line. Nonetheless, Johnson should create generate battles straight up in one-on-one matchups.

This is a great pick with a very high ceiling as a guard for the Chargers. Expect Johnson to start immediately.



John Kegley is a Contributing Writer at Riverslake.org and a Private First Class in the US Army. He is a longtime sports commentator with credits including Locked on Chargers, San Diego Sports Domination, Chargers Domination Live, Aztec Domination Live and Rivers Lake Live. He has been a Chargers Fan since 2004. Connect with John on Twitter at @bigestCHARGERfn or on Facebook.

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