The Predictions Game: Week 2 at KC

Every week, our crack writers pool competes for bragging rights with a prediction of the upcoming Chargers contest. This week: Kansas City at the dreaded Arrowhead Stadium.

Follow along all season and post your predictions in the comments below. Who will win it all at the end of the season?


Week 2: At Chiefs


Win. I'm making a bold prediction and doubling down from week one. The truth is: confidence is very important in the NFL, and the Chargers have it rolling in hot from a solid week 1 victory. What's more is Herbert is undefeated in Arrowhead. Time to strike a little fear in Kansas City by showing them who's boss on Primetime.

There is no question Mahomes will do his thing, but something tells me more sacks are on the horizon for Mack and Bosa.

Score prediction: Chargers 35 - Chiefs 21

Nick Buck

Loss. The home field advantage of Arrowhead is certainly no joke and the Chiefs will fight hard to prove they're still the champs without star wide receiver Tyreek Hill. This game escapes the Chargers but not without a close score.

Score prediction: Chargers 23 - Chiefs 29

John Kegley

Loss: Keenan Allen is gonna be the missing piece to win, gonna be a close but I think Chiefs win.

Score prediction: Chargers 20 - Chiefs 24

Señor Snappy

Win. We seem to handle the Arrowhead experience well with this team and staff. In this case, being on the road against a team expected to beat you will help their mindset. I think it will be another outrageous victory full of crazy heroism and we'll be thinking Superbowl all week after.

Both teams have a short week and some injuries; both teams have winners at QB and want this game badly.

It will be role players who decide the outcome: Asante Samuel, Jr. will get targeted out of spite. I expect Mahomes to learn the hard way and never try it again. Kyle Van Noy will have to stop Kelce on a few crucial 3rd downs, testing his aging legs on pursuit.

The Chiefs will try to exploit Adderly. Vato (Mike Davis) will have to have one of his best games if the Chargers will have a chance. Could we see a K9 splash play? In all of this, Khalil is the Chargers' X-factor, and he will be called on to get the Bolts' defense working together when things inevitably look grim.

Score prediction: Chargers 28 - Chiefs 27

Dominic M.

Loss. The atmosphere at Arrowhead Stadium is palpably frightening. This is a stadium that only banned fans from painting their faces in tribal war paint and wearing Native American cosplay last year.

The barbeque lovers of Missouri are still permitted to do a synchronized 'Tomahawk Chop' and chant a racist war cry. I'm getting Little Big Horn vibes from this one.

Score prediction: Chargers 22 - Chiefs 34

Señora Snappy

Win: The “conservative” play calling in the Raiders matchup will allow the Chargers to stretch out their wings against the Chiefs. Mahomes spoke about not looking forward to facing Mack so the seeds of fear have already been sown. If Kermit and the run game can be contained, Chargers defense should have a feasting day.

Score prediction: Chargers 28 - Chiefs 21