The Rivers Lake Story

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Rivers Lake: the crown jewel of Inglewood, CA. Once a nameless hole blighting the ruins of once-proud Hollywood Park is reborn in blue and gold. Little more than a concrete money pit, the community rose up and blessed it, and now completes what riches and architectural hubris could not. Without Philip Rivers, it is a sad puddle. With Philip Rivers, it is a national treasure. Long live Rivers Lake, forever our holy sea.


Kush Parekh, famed landscape architect, designed the artificial lake to hold 100% recycled water, using it to water greenery around the stadium in Inglewood. Someone got hold of a couple of excavators and a billion frogskins and lo, a concrete bowl was born.


For its first watery year, Rivers Lake sat nameless and alone, its future enthusiasts locked away at home in Statewide quarantine. Images of its glassy viscosity danced on the TV, and media hacks crowed about the "architectural wonder" of its pitiful flatmate, SoFi Stadium. Always the bridesmaid she was then, despite "having it where it counts."

As the 2021-2022 Football Season approached, public restrictions lifted and visitors were allowed to visit the site. It would be their first encounter with the newly remade grounds, the Stadium, and a watery expanse in the middle of it all. A cajones-endowed genius dubbed it "Rivers Lake" and the name stuck. Now the City of Inglewood would be on the map, with a public monument to inspire its march to greatness and superiority over Bel Air, Hollywood and even Disneyland.

By September 2021, over 1 thousand people shared their admiration in the form of place reviews on multiple Google Maps markers dedicated to Rivers Lake. This made some unhappy, and an online war of legitimacy ("the lake wars") briefly flared up. Ultimately, Rivers won the day, and here we are.

As visitors new and old become acquainted with the splendor that is Rivers Lake, we hope you will take the time to reach out to us and share your thoughts about the water, the surround, and especially the man that brought us all together: Philip Rivers.

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