The Predictions Game: Week 3 vs Jax

Every week, our crack writers pool competes for bragging rights with a prediction of the upcoming Chargers contest. This week: the Jacksonville Jaguars surprisingly effective defense vs. a worryingly hobbled Chargers offense at SoFi Stadium (aka: the Thunderdome).

Follow along all season and post your predictions in the comments below. Who will win the prediction game at the end of the season?


Week 3: vs Jaguars


Win. It might be easy to predict a close game or a nail biter that we Charger fans have come to expect in years past. Especially considering the shutout the Jags unleashed against Indy. But truth be told I'm not for the status quo and neither is Herbert and our new-look defense. It recently came out that this isn't Herbert's first rodeo when it comes to broken rib cartilage. I predict that Herbert will have an amazing gam le through the pain and all.

Score prediction: Chargers 21 - Jaguars 7

Nick Buck

Win. This should be a fairly straight forward game for the Bolts. But the Jaguars looked strong against the Colts last week. There may be some pocket trouble for Justin Herbert, but he is best under pressure.

The potential absence of Corey Linsley and Trey Pipkins is a concern. The O-line will struggle against the Jags without them.

It again will be a closer game than Chargers fans will be comfortable with, but ultimately the offense begins to gel and the Bolts walk away with a win.

Score prediction: Chargers 27 - 21 Jaguars

John Kegley

Win. This game is supposed to be a cake walk but the Chargers have a not so healthy O-Line, Herbert not at 100 percent, and still waiting to see if Keenan Allen will play.

Jaguars have Josh Allen and Travon Walker who love to hit and if one of them gets to Herbert, his time in this game could be limited. The upside: the Jags secondary is exploitable which could allow Herbert to release the ball quickly and avoid the hits.

The Jaguars offense does not worry me. Yes: they have talented players, but they lack all around production and chemistry. If you take Christian Kirk away, the rest of the offense will have to work to score.

Kahlil Mack and Joey Bosa should feast in this game. I'm going to go bold and say they get a combined 6 sacks this game.

Chargers are 9-3 all-time vs the Jaguars, winning 8 of the last 9.

This game will be ugly.

Score prediction: Chargers 27 - Jaguars 13

Señor Snappy

Win. This will be too close for comfort, and will come at high cost. I expect Herbert to play out of moral compulsion--the Chargers will try but be unable to dissuade him from risking his long term recovery.

The Jaguars revealed an effective pass rush against the Colts in week 2, and they were able to keep the Colts rushing attack--the one led by MVP-candidate Jonathan Taylor--under control.

The Chargers may struggle to juggle the need to move the ball and keep Herbert from exposure to further damage.

The Jaguars will be tempted to overcommit to knocking Herbert out of the game as early as possible--targeting him for injury, really. If they do, he'll make them pay and the Chargers will win in epic fashion. The aforementioned price will be a different Justin Herbert--perhaps for the rest of this season--which is unable to accomplish the supernatural plays we've come accustomed to.

The Jaguars will emerge from the contest as the Bolt Fam's new version of the Titans--a most hated opponent outside our division.

Score prediction: Chargers 21 - Jaguars 18