Rivers Lake Live

Check out Rivers Lake Live our new football analysis show starring John Kegley. Episodes are up on our Facebook page. We will soon have video content on our YouTube page.

The concept of Rivers Lake Live is to get everyone access to Kegley's football brain: his takes are unlike any you will hear anywhere else. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask him questions, you won't regret it.

Here's our plan for the offseason:

  1. NFL Draft Analysis content

  2. More articles about the fascinating world of Nick Buck

  3. Improving the production quality of our Video content

  4. Recruit more experts and enthusiasts to develop content of interest to Chargers Fans

  5. Launch the Rivers Lake Trust, our nonprofit community outreach organization

  6. Create more cool t-shirts and developing more apparel for you (see the latest at The Rivers Lake Store)

Hope you're excited about what we're doing and will consider supporting our mission to claim Southern California for the Bolt Fam:

  • Order a shirt in a new color combination

  • Subscribe / Like our YouTube and Facebook pages

  • Maybe join a Board Meeting!

Bolt Up!

Señor Snappy

2 guys and a football
Snappy and Kegley

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