Post-Game Inspection: Week 2

The Game

Final Score: Chargers 24 - Chiefs 27.

The Chargers were the Chiefs' equals in skill and determination, but could not hold on to a lead at the end.

The contest ended in a typical Chiefs victory: the home team came out slow, but hung around long enough to and turn up the heat with a couple of big plays in critical moments down the stretch.

"Energy management" is the game-within-the-game, just ask Conor McGregor.

(Photo: Mike Nowak - Los Angeles Chargers)

How Close Were Our Game Predictions?

Prediction game Scoring: lowest points wins


Score prediction: Chargers 35 - Chiefs 21

Game Prediction Record: 1-1

Delta Score: Chargers 11, Opponents 6; Game Score Delta: 17

Season Points: 30

It was a very tough watch and not what I predicted, but the more I reflect on it: our Chargers, and specifically Herbert, showed true grit that can't be faked.

I am proud of our team. I truly believe we are playoff bound as we became a team on Thursday night.

The rest of the NFL better watch out because we comin'.

Nick Buck

Score prediction: Chargers 23 - Chiefs 29

Game Prediction Record: 2-0

Delta Score: Chargers 1, Opponents 2; Game Score Delta: 3

Season Points: 5

The clearest distinction between these two teams is the grit: while the Chiefs required two referee interventions to recall what were picks by Amazon Prime Poster-Boy Mahomes, the only one against Herbert proved the final dagger.

Do bear in mind this required a full absence of Keenan Allen, Donald Parham Jr, a 2nd half absence of Corey Linsley and Trey Pipkins and a hurried call after Gerald Everett tried removing himself from the field as he was visibly exhausted. The rushed playcalling was to blame here as Everett did not have time to complete his route before he was beaten to it.

But a rib injury for Justin Herbert after landing on a defender's helmet still was not enough to keep Herbert off the field. He played the rest of the game, through the visible pain and still threw a touchdown. If anyone was ever in doubt about Herbert's ability to lead, or his mental fortitude, they need be no longer.

This will feel like one stolen from the Bolts. But we're 1 and 1 with a whole season yet ahead of us.

With ten days until we face the Jags, let's hope the injuries suffered tonight aren't anything long-lasting. The grittier team lost. The grittier team will prevail.

Justin Herbert with the "eye of the tiger" (Photo: Mike Nowak | Los Angeles Chargers)

John Kegley

Score prediction: Chargers 20 - Chiefs 24

Game Prediction Record: 2-0

Delta Score: Chargers 4, Opponents 3; Game Score Delta: 7

Season Points: 30