JT Woods - From Safety to Where?

The Chargers followed up a safe pick in the 1st round with a safety pick in the 3rd.

With the 79th pick on the 2022 NFL draft, the Chargers grabbed JT Woods, defensive back from Baylor. Woods is a taller, longer safety with good speed and play making ability.

Woods uses his excellent speed—he ran a 4.36 pre-draft—to close in and prevent yards after catch. He is versatile and can play multiple safety positions.

Woods can go all over the field and move from route to route fluidly to make plays. Struggles with change of direction due to committing all his speed into one direction.

The most glaring negative on Woods is his tackling, particularly in finishing them. He needs to be more disciplined on the field and stick to assignments and not fall for pump fakes.

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