Drew Lock will make his second start in a row at SoFi Stadium on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers. As things stand with this particular quarterback and offensive line, it's not likely there will be much awkward "dancing" (if that's what you can call it - is it really dancing if nothing moves below the waist?) this time. It’s typical of Denver recently that they must start a guy at Quarterback who probably won’t be on their roster next season.

The Broncos have much to play for. If Denver loses this game, it will mean their 5th losing season in a row: their longest such streak since the team was founded. Yet another losing season would certainly put Vic Fangio on the hot seat if he isn’t already on it.

Which Ass is Hottest?

The Broncos’ failures have more to do with John Elway and his input on personnel decisions--especially at Quarterback--than Fangio’s coaching abilities, although the latter is certainly terrible at clock management and all other forms of management.

Six-of-One, Two Field Goals of Another

The Broncos defense is a little better than the Chargers defense, especially against the run. The Chargers have been inconsistent at home, but the Broncos have struggled mightily on the road.

Something’s gotta give!



Quarterback Drew Lock played sparingly against the Chargers in Denver. His stat line of 4 completions on 7 attempts for 26 yards and an interception should indicate how an entire game against the Bolts will go.

In Denver’s 17-13 loss to the Raiders last week, Lock completed 15 passes on 22 attempts for 153 yards, no touchdowns, and no interceptions. That performance just eclipses his attempt at 12-year-old-TikTok-girl-Fortnite-sideline-mess we all remember: the routine he did that many fans seem to want to punch his dumb mayonnaise face over.

Running Out of Opportunities

Austin Ekeler’s return will help the Chargers’ chances Sunday, but his ability to play the entire game is critical. No other Running Back has really stepped up to help out the Chargers, except Justin Jackson.

In the Donkey’s stable, both Melvin “I’m worth more than $10 million” Gordon and a grown man

with the nickname of “Pookie” were limited in practice for the Broncos.

Chargers Chances?

Both teams come off losses that will likely motivate them, although the Chargers loss was much more embarrassing. Look for the Chargers to come out fired up and ready to get after Lock on Defense.

We will see what happens with Fangio and Elway this offseason, but they ought to get chased out of town like Scooby Doo villains.



Mike Modlin is a Contributing Writer at and Chargers historian on the Charger Chat podcast. He has been writing about the Chargers since 2007, typically combining his love of writing and stand-up comedy. His credits include Charger Chat podcast, Midwest Chargers beat reporter for KLAC AM Radio, Los Angeles, staff writer at Glorify the Past, and is a member of the Veterans of Comedy.

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