Game Predictions: the Contest Within the Contest

Every week, our crack writers pool competes for bragging rights with a prediction of the upcoming Chargers contest.

Follow along all season and post your hot takes in the comments below. Who will win it all at the end of the season?


Week 1 vs. Raiders


Win. With Herbert entering his 2nd year in an offensive system for the first time in his professional or collegiate career, we will see Herbert's grasp of the details of Lombardi's expensive offense come to life. I can only expect a big win with with lots of sacks from the Bosa/Mack combo. It's time to eat.

Score prediction: Chargers 35 - Raiders 17

Nick Buck

Win. New HC and the shaky O-line prove problematic for Carr and the Raiders offense. Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack have a field day getting to Derek Carr but with the possible absence of JC Jackson Davante Adams makes this game closer than Chargers fans would like.

Score prediction: Chargers 24 - Raiders 17

Kyle “The Coach” Duggin

Win. With the continuity of the chargers offense I don’t see points being hard to come by, with Davante Adams on the other side and the potential absence of JC Jackson.

Score prediction: Chargers 38 - Raiders 20

John Kegley

Win, Chargers are 3-0 against the Raiders on opening day since 2006 winning 27-0 in 2006, 24-20 2009, and 22-14 2012. The game will be tough with JC Jackson missing the game. This game could be a shoot-out.

Score prediction: Chargers 35 - Raiders 31

Señor Snappy

Loss. The pressure on the Chargers is enormous and I think this will be a game where some weird calls could ruin the whole thing. If we are to win it, it'll be Khalil Mack and Justin Herbert willing it to be.

Score prediction: Chargers 21 - Raiders 24


Win. Raiders may in fact be better, but breaking in a new coach and new schemes will be a process. Consider Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa some bumps and bruises along the way.

Chargers 29 - Raiders 19

Señora Snappy

Win. This game will come down who manages their energy levels, clock management and mistakes the best. Derrick Carr has shown that he’s slow to adapt to new systems. Even with Josh McDaniels at the wheel, pressure in the pocket will break down Carr. 

Score prediction: Chargers 34 - Raiders 17

Aaron Vrabel

The Raiders were such a waste of a playoff spot for all football fans last season. Unless Derek Carr is purposely underthrowing balls to draw pass interference calls, they won't convert any 3rd and long situations. Mack and Bosa will scare Carr into a sack. Raiders fans are dorks. Chargers will beat the Raiders and it won’t be close.

Score prediction: Chargers 31 - Raiders 17

Week 1 Chargers MVPg Prediction: Most Valuable Position Group

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