Chargers in the NFL 100

Updated: Sep 5

The NFL Network publishes a yearly list of the Top 100 players in the league, as voted by the players. How many players actually vote and how qualified are those players to assess talent are valid questions about how credible the NFL 100 list is. But what is not questionable: the pride Chargers fans feel seeing one of the Bolts on the NFL 100, and how upsetting it is to see one snubbed from the list.

The Magnificent EiGHT

This year, the Chargers had seven players voted to the NFL 100 list:

  1. Rashawn Slater

  2. Corey Linsley

  3. Austin Ekeler

  4. Derwin James

  5. Justin Herbert

  6. Keenan Allen

  7. Joey Bosa

  8. JC Jackson

Rashawn Slater makes his first appearance on the list and rightfully so. Slater probably could have been ranked a little higher, coming in at number 79. Slater showed how reliable he was for Justin Herbert and the Chargers offense, making the offensive line noticeably better as soon as he hit the field. Watch:

Slater's fellow offensive lineman Corey Linsley made the list at 60--the same ranking he had in 2021. Both Linsley and Slater made the 2021 NFL Pro Bowl, and have been a driving force for the Charger offense. Watch:

One player who benefited from Linsley and Slater's work on the line is Austin Ekeler who makes his first appearance on that list at 46. An all-around back who lives in the weight room, Ekeler totaled 1,558 total yards in 2021, with 20 touchdowns. He seems to still be getting better. Watch:

Derwin James is the first defensive player to show up at number 43, a step up from last year after not being ranked but lower than 2 years ago when he came in at 31 on the Top 100. Obvious reason is the injuries, but Derwin James brings a leadership and hype to the team that all the player rally around both on and off the field. If he can just stay healthy, he will be higher next year guaranteed. Watch:

One player who did improve his ranking in 2022 is Justin Herbert, who made the list for the 2nd consecutive year. In 2021, Herbert was ranked 56th. This year, he is comes in at 40. Herbert will only get better: it is easy to imagine that he will be top 20 in the coming years. Watch:

Two guys very familiar with the list come in next with Keenan Allen and Joey Bosa. Keenan makes the list for the 5th time in his career. He has been ranked 41, 38, 77, and 55. This year, he acheived his highest NFL Top 100 ranking, coming in at 35. Allen has shown he is one of--if not the--top route runner in the NFL and has been highly reliable on third down. It is no surprise he is ranked in the top 40. Watch: